If you are ordering a bespoke Oriel Window, we require the following size: (width) x (height) x (depth) this would be the external opening sizes.
Once we receive the above information, we will then proceed with our technical drawings. Please allow up to two weeks for design approval drawings to be issued. Depending on complexity and number of current projects at the time of order, lead time might be extended. We will advise on a lead time upon order.
With the approval of design and connection details we will prepare fabrication drawings for each project element.

Usually it takes up to three days, depending on the number of elements and the size of the project.

When all drawings are ready and checked we will start manufacture of all the materials.
You can construct your opening to our technical drawings if not already done so. Once your opening is constructed, please ensure that it meets all requirements - The opening should be square. Check the opening is square by measuring diagonally from corner to corner; the distances should be identical. You can also use a framing square.

Double check these sizes as Oriel Windows are non-refundable and you do not want any mistakes!
Once ordered, you will be informed with a non-binding delivery date (usually) 3-4 week from when drawings have been approved.

Email the size you want to order to info@glassstructureslimited.com if you have any questions or you wish to double check everything before you order, please do get in contact with the team, we are more than grateful to help. 02085913322.
Standard size oriel windows are ready to be powder coated. These sizes are generally delivered in 12-15 working days. Any bespoke oriel windows, oriel windows with special coatings, and thicknesses other than standard and made to order/bespoke sizes typically take 2-3 weeks as long as they pass quality control.


All our glass products are delivered via courier. When your order is despatched, we will email you the courier's tracking information and an estimated delivery date. If you would like to know where your order is when in transit, or when to expect it etc, please use the tracking information provided. We are unable to contact the courier on your behalf.

All goods will be at the customers risk once unloaded.
Despite a delivery having been made, property and any goods shall not pass from the company until the customer has paid the full price plus VAT and no other sums being due from the customer to the company.


All dates given for delivery of material and completion of work are estimates only. In respect of delivery and completion of works, time shall not be of the essence. Completion dates may be extended resulting from adverse weather conditions, availability of site, delays by other contractors or other items outside the Company's control.
Internally fixing a "frameless" oriel window is perfect for when adding a window to a finished building, allowing all fixing points to be covered by plasterboard or a finish of your choice.
Externally fixing a "frameless" oriel window is perfect for when you are re-rendering or similar; that will cover the fixing points. The benefit of fixing externally gives a lot more room for tolerances.
All bespoke sizes are available up to 250KG for supply only oriel windows.
Things to consider before meeting an oriel window supplier
There are a lot of things to consider before meeting with your oriel window supplier. Oriel windows have numerous benefits and advantages; it is essential to have enough information before contacting the oriel window manufacturer. This article will guide you in what to do before meeting with your supplier.

The factors include:

Size: The oriel windows size is an essential factor because it differs in height, width, and depth. Oriel window manufacturers would require these measurements to estimate a budget cost. There is no minimum or maximum size for oriel windows; you decide based on your budget. Any window that is more than 2.4m in height and width or using a single plane of more than 4m is an oversize window under the glazing guidelines.

Glazing Type: There are different types of glazing for constructing oriel windows on your property. It could be single, double, or triple glazing. Triple glazing is advisable when thermal insulation is a priority. Single glazing is standard in homes or property needing lesser heat insulation or conduction.

Underlying Foundation: Oriel window manufacturers would check the existing foundation before installing the oriel window design of your choice. Steel and concrete are the standard basic foundation for the oriel window structure. There are other options such as metal pressing and aluminum for creating a solid foundation for your oriel window.

Sunlight Radiation: Solar gain is one of the adverse effects of a poorly planned oriel window installation. Oriel window expertss can help you prevent this problem by providing solar control coatings. Solar gain is excessive heating of the oriel window caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Style: style is a vital factor for bringing out the perfect aesthetic for your home.