Types of Bay Windows

Bay windows (often called oriel) are in high demand because people are looking for new design solutions to create unique homes and apartments. They prefer more light and space and light, so they choose to lengthen the facade. If all the technical calculations were correct, then such a casement would withstand snow and wind loads. Aesthetic architectural appearance is another advantage of this choice.

More About Dimensions

These are individual measurements that must correspond to the width and height of the casement frame. The classification of showcases consists of several sections that are interconnected. Most often these are three parts that have a small roof to protect from moisture. The size of the gap structure is chosen by the customer and the installer makes a reserve to insert the pipe.

The size of such constructions depends on the width of their profile. Speaking about 60 mm, you can take a diameter of 6 centimeters, and when it comes to 70 mm, use 8-9 cm. Modern bay windows have a substitute profile that will not be visible under the connective pipe.

Open-Close Techniques

There are different modes to open such windows. Each one is Different window openers are designed for maximum comfort and easy ventilation. The most popular opening ways are swing and swing-out. If the extended sections are wider, then you could choose the unusual "accordion" method. In addition to the above kinds, it is also possible to use vertical sliding sashes. They are most often installed on English-style showcases. with an English styling.

Oriel Windows Classification

These windows have existed for over 500 years, but their design has remained the same, admirable and aesthetically beautiful. The modern market offers a large selection of figurations that are mesmerizing. You could find authentic styling to suit your interior and exterior. If you dreamed of contemporary, Victorian, or mid-century, then take into consideration individual order placement.

Canted Bay Window

The main part is flat form without adding colourful pane inserts. and rounding. The flanks and rims are slightly chamfered. One of the most popular varieties for. It is called a traditional solution.

Circle-Shaped Model

The frame must not be pushed too far away from the facade. The main feature is the round construction without clear lines at the joints. The semicircular shape looks attractive interesting inside and out.

Oriel Window

This kind allows you to increase the floor area without changing the dimensions of the foundation. The appearance could have oriental motives. If installed on an upper floor, it is supported by a lower ledge or bracket.

Box Type

Square or rectangular rims. It looks quite unusual and can resemble a balcony. There are good choices for decorate apartments and country houses. The corners are straight and you have more joints. and turns. Also, extra panels of glass are used to cover all sides.

Tudor Design

You might notice a mixture of medieval architecture and Oriel. Here the size decreases smaller and might be very small as for a single sash showcase. The Tudor architecture establishes the front elevation as more imposing and even royal. It must be combined with the general style of buildings if you choose country house decor.

Additional Elements

The general frontage front picture window can be reserved and stylish or pretentious and impressive. Select bay window styles that suit your personal preference. Designers combine convenience and the ability to expand space in a living room or around the other premises. The usual window-wing is retracted and replaced with an extended sorting. But there are other details to make such sashes useful and durable.

Stained glass decoration remains in demand; a film with a selected pattern is glued to the glass. Choose a shade to reduce the amount of light entering the room (great point in the face of hot climate and south-facing sides). Another excellent variant is lamination, the process of applying a coloured film to the frame of the profile Between the glass panels.

Exploitation Benefits

Such facade decor has a rather high cost, but you get many advantages. A variety of choices allows you to realize the most daring styling ideas. But this showcase also gives you certain features.
  • It is a large glazed area that provides additional light.
  • The ability to extend the casement sill for storage or storing things or flower pots.
  • A visual increase in space thanks to the various types of bay windows.
  • Add originality and class to the interior.
  • The middle flanker remains stationary, but the side panels allow the room to breathe from two parties.

Make Your Home Stylish and Authentic

A Bay window is a fashionable solution as an independent element of the building style decoration. This will give the house the appearance of an ancient castle; it looks very solid and expensive. Such a window-wing may give the interior a sophisticated atmosphere and make establish your home warmer and more comfortable.

Equip your dwelling with this addition and you get extra lighting, ventilation facilities, and space. Consult our specialists if you are going to remodel your premises - our experts will help you choose between the different window options available.-relevant dilemma.